When You Should Consider Living With an Ex

Coping with your ex may sound crazy, I understand. When I tell people that I live with my ex and that we are both very happy with the arrangement folks think that's among the strangest things they will have ever heard. But maybe not all relationships result in anger and bitterness.

Sometimes relationships just end, of course, if you're able to stay friends there are some serious financial advantages to keep on living together.

My ex-husband and I stopped our union after being together for 12 decades. It was not anyone's fault really. We grew apart. Plus one evening we sat down to talk and we all realized that we still loved each other but we weren't in love anymore. Over the course of our relationship, we'd both changed so much that we were really only no longer harmonious as a couple of. But we were still really great buddies.

We talked about who should move outside, and also what the financial arrangements is to make us out of the house we bought together. However, the longer we talked the more we realized that we both loved our home and neither one wanted to offer this up. I didn't desire to move outside and start over, and neither did he.

So we moved along to your counselor to try and figure out exactly what we ought to perform. And our counselor asked us why we assumed one people had to leave if we weren't bitter or angry with each other. And that was a totally new method of thinking. We all had supposed this certain of us had to go because that's almost always what happens when people divorce. However, it does not need to be.

Instead of planning for the end of our marriage and attempting to work out just how to split up resources and bank balances and your house we called a builder and began brainstorming ways to alter your house we adored in to the distance we both needed. In the long run, we'd the cellar become the full apartment with a beautiful bedroom, a nice living space, a swanky bathroom, and a kitchenette. My now ex-husband moved into the basement apartment, where he had his own entrance. We have separate living spaces of our own, however they could come up4stairs watching movies together personally or have food with me personally. Our dogs move back and forth between the two apartments. He still does the yard work and we do the grocery shopping together.

Now I know that for some couples this kind of arrangement would never work. And there have been occasions when we moved through some distress. However, overall we are both happy with the arrangement. And without needing to split up all of our assets, move, and wrangle within the sale the house we bothmanaged to save a great deal of cash. For those who have divided from your better half, or you are considering it, and you'll discover ways to live together you will be astounded at how much better off financially you'll end up.

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